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the incredibly different nonprofit organization:

the definition of sustainability is the capacity to endure. we have created an organization that will help people save money, be better stewards of our planet, live a sustainable lifestyle and help people that can not help themselves. we feel that passion, enthusiasm and shear drive paired with a diverse culture designed within a sustainable belief system is one of the most powerful tools we have to create change; nrgeneration has been designed with this in mind every step of the way. our team consists of like minded, multi-disciplined and highly talented individuals with a “solutions not excuses” mentality.
NRGeneration is an organization founded by social entrepreneurs dedicated to making sustainability viral. we are a nonprofit branding, sales, marketing, educational and humanitarian institution that covers the gambit of green information, products, services and action. the aforementioned concepts have been tried in pieces but never as a whole. We have created an incredibly different organization designed around these concepts with congruency and purpose designed to get results and create change. our purpose in running this campaign is to define our company to individuals, businesses and organizations that have the same vision we do and that want to get behind a very dynamic group of people with the ability to evoke change.

our vision:

NRGeneration’s vision is to start a revolution within sustainability. simply put, our mission: “to make sustainability viral!” we truly think everyone has a general awareness of the problems and issues, but until they can be given simple, cost effective solutions there won’t be any change. our team is focused on bringing solutions to these problems to the american public.
our vision for this organization is to provide one place people can go for the latest and most up to date information on green technology, building processes and trends. we want to provide the american consumer with one stop shopping for all of their needs from green home products, d.i.y. sustainable technology, renewable energy, energy efficient retrofitting, home building and energy efficient financing that will alleviate first cost and allow people to roll these things into their mortgage and actually have a positive cash flow when the project is finished or their home is complete. if done properly a person can pay their home off up to 10 years faster or even send a kid to college. with prices of everything rising, especially energy, there is no time like the present and no other organization that offers this to consumers. we intend on doing that.
our organization is partnered with some of the largest distribution companies, green manufactures and green advocacy organizations in america. we didi this to ensure consumers would get the best of everything including the lowest prices, most up to date information, best financing rates and the best experience possible. The most important thing that we have done is mandated that a percentage of all transactions originating from nrgeneration will be donated to our foundation in the clients name to give the gift of sustainability to those less fortunate. we intend on using these donations to retrofit or build homes for low income families, the elderly, wounded american heroes and sick children. you see giving back is our whole intention.
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